WATER ONLINE INDIA is today’s India’s leading Company for water purification products. A team of qualified professionals and engineers having sufficient product knowledge and skills manages our day-to-day activities. We offer the world’s most modern Reverse Osmosis Domestic & Commercial Drinking Water Systems,RO Plant, Swimming pools, D.M.Plants, Sewage Treatment Plant, Soda Plant, UV Ozonetor, Auto Bottle/Glass Filling Machine,Lab Chemicals,Pouch Packing Machine, Blow Moulding Machine & Chiller all the water treatment with high quality, cost-effective & economical solutions at competitive prices. Our activities include Imports, Manufacturing and Assembling of RO systems, related components & spare parts. Despite a humble beginning, today WATER ONLINE INDIA is a strong organization with offices spread across major cities of India. Most importantly, today Water Online India has lacs of satisfied customers to its credit.

Our mission is to become a high-performance organization by achieving its target of becoming market leader in this trade by delivering exceptional values through superior execution of innovative marketing and providing excellent service support to the clients.

Our Labortary

Why Choose Us?

Water needed for human consumption should be safe and wholesome.

  • Free from pathogens.
  • Free from harmful chemical substances.
  • Pleasant to taste..
  • Usable for domestic purpose

Objective :

Our objective is to help you create your perfect environment, at home or work.

Knowledge :

Our people and experience inform our knowledge base. Our research and future insight shape that knowledge into a vision of water purifier. We invite you to explore the results.