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Pure Water - A Rarity !

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Pure Water - A Rarity !
Water is life, something without that life ceases to exist. Pure and clean water nurture our body and soul. Bottled mineral water is expensive, inconvenient and may be sprious. The other available UV based water purifiers only partly clean the water as they cannot remove the hardness of water. Thus quenching one’s thirst in real sense always remains a dream.

What is wrong with my drinking water ?
Water we drink may contain variours Pysical, Micro-Biological, Toxic Chemical & Dessolved Impurities extremely harmful to our body. See adjacent Column for a description of some harmful impurities that may be present in your drinking water system.

Why UV filters can’t gurad you ?
A UV water purification system only de-activate beacteria and viruses,  but does not remove harmful chemical and dissolved solids present in your drinking water. Only the Reverse Osmosis purification technology can ensure complete purification of your drinking water.

What is RO ?
Reverse Osmosis works by forcing water against a semi-permeable membrane. The excess invisible chemicals and dessolved solids present in the water are prevented from passing through this membrane, only water molecules are allowed to pass through giving you clean and healthy drinking water

Stage 1 :               Sediment Filter 5 Micron made of polypropylene spun fiber removes suspended impurities in water like sand, dirt, slit providing first, line of protection of the whole system.

Stage 2 :               Granular Carbon Pre-filter removes chlorine, color and other organic impurties.

Stage 3 :               Carbon Block removes smaller contaminants and any other remaining chlorine particles-protecting the RO membrane.

Stage 4 :               R.O. Membrane (0.0001 micron DOW U S A) with auto flash that removes bacteria, virus, hardness, Pesticides etc and makes your water safe for drinking.

Stage 5 :               Postcarbon filer and polisher that limproves the taste of the water.

Counter Top System
For a family size of
1 to 15 members
Capacity : 10 to 15 L/hr.
Tank Capacity 10 Liter
Auto Flashing
Domestic Filters Advantages
Auto cut safety fuse & unbuilt  on of switch Low Electricity Consumption.
Wall mounted with in-built water storage tank. No space wastage on a below the kitchen counter.
Purified water capacity of 15 liters / hour with a duty cycle of 110 liters / day.
8 liters water storage capacity with purified water available on demand.
Suitable for all types of raw water.
Low cost of maintenance and consumables.
ABS concealed body do not allow any insect enter into the body.
Unbreakable food Grade body.
Ultraviolet rays disease causes germs, viruses and bacteria.
Nano silver technology to ensure bacteria free form water.

  • Domestic

    Domestic water purification with mineral reverse osmosis.

  • Industrial

    Comprehensive Range Of Industrial Driking water
    Filters With High Quality.