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WATER ONLINE INDIA is today's India's leading Company for water purification products.

Commercial RO Systems

Commercial RO Water Treatment Plant uses the reverse osmosis principle to treat water and make it suitable for commercial purposes. The Commercial RO Plant is the most cost effective water treatment system for any commercial establishments. The Commercial RO Systems cleans the water of contaminants and removes non essential and corrosive salts, metals, chemicals etc., present in the water. Thus making the water safe for tools and equipments used in the commercial activities. RO based water treatment plants have been in use for quite some time but have been under-utilized or have been used only in a limited manner. The Commercial RO Plants are best suitable for drinking water purification, effluent and wastewater purification, dialysis, food processing industry, car washing, fruit syrup production, hydrogen production, in reef aquariums etc.

Generally, Reverse Osmosis process takes place in stages such as pre-treatment process, high pressure pump, membrane assembly, Re-mineralization & pH adjustment and disinfection. This commercial ro water treatment plant functions on the principle of Reverse Osmosis wherein the raw or impure water is applied pressure to make it pass through a membrane, to obtain pure / treated water for commercial usage. The Commercial RO plant offered, not only purifies water from contaminants but also treats it from chemicals, acids and gases.

Special attention to understand the requirement of clients and further, designing & engineering suitable commercial RO Water Treatment Plants, has made Water Online India a proffered name. The Reverse Osmosis plant for commercial water treatment by Water Online India Fresh is extensively used by industries for commercial water treatment needs purposes.

Commercial RO Plants from Water Online India
Reverse osmosis filtration technology removes dissolved impurities from water with the use of a semi-permeable membrane. Water Online India offers Commercial RO Plants for usage across Industries. These plants are based on modern technology and deliver pragmatic & profitable water treatment solution to commercial & industrial establishments. We offer industrial RO systems, commercial RO systems and commercial RO filtration systems that treat raw water and make them ideal for use.

Industrial RO Systems


Commercial RO Filtration Systems

Water Online India is a full line manufacturer of water treatment plants with expertise in reverse osmosis systems. Use of the most economical and environmentally friendly water treatment plants serves the green movement. Our Commercial RO Filtration Systems has the latest in water treatment technology and equipment construction. The system is designed and developed as per the industrial needs and is widely demanded in the global markets for its flexibility. Perfectly suitable for different types of commercial establishments the commercial RO filtration system is easy to install and cost-efficient.

Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis
or hyper filtration technology used by our Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems purifies water and removes salts, minerals and other impurities. It also rejects bacteria, sugars, proteins, and other particles that have a molecular weight greater than 150-250 Dalton. This commercial water [purification system is designed as per the technical details provided by the client, so that it serves the requirement with highest level of precision. Use of modern technology, expert manpower in designing & making, proven production / configuration methods etc., make these Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems reliable, durable and cost efficient.

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    Domestic water purification with mineral reverse osmosis.

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    Comprehensive Range Of Industrial Driking water
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